bendito tango marathon

All Milongas will take place in the Milonga Hall  with wooden floors


Friday 22.04.2022

5:.30pm – 8pm Check-in / Arrival

7pm – 9pm Dinner

8pm – 2am Milonga DJ Christian Beyreuther (Regensburg)

2am –  After Party 


Saturday 23.04.2022

10am – 11:30am Yoga

10am – 1:30pm Brunch

11am – 12am Milonga – Morning-Playlist 

12am – 4:30 pm Milonga  DJ Veronika Korchak (Ukraine)

from 3:30pm Cake and other delights

4:30pm – 6:30 pm Milonga DJ Greg Demerville (Beligum)

6:30pm – 8:30pm Dinner

9pm – 11pm Milonga Night Opener with Live Music and dancing to live Music

11pm – 3am Milonga DJ Greg Demerville (Belgium)


Sunday 24.04.2022

10am – 11:30am Yoga

10am – 1pm Brunch 

11am – 12am Milonga – Morning-Playlist

12am – 5pm Milonga Ondrej Kloub (Czechia)